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To help develop a blueprint for decarbonisation, there are a number of different work packages being undertaken by a number of suppliers that cover a number of areas. From initiatives in city modelling to transport and even carbon capture and storage; all of the below play a huge part in delivering the Zero2050 objectives. This information was provided by the suppliers.

Work package lead: Digital Engineering

Digital Engineering (DE) will produce hourly weather data to be used by weather-driven supply and demand models, and will work with other work packages to aggregate various sources of demand in South Wales. DE will also produce hourly generation profiles, and conduct a regional analysis of supply and demand across GB out to 2050.

Work package lead: Cardiff University

This work package will understand the energy demands of Swansea, Cardiff and Newport so that we can better understand how we can decarbonise heat, electricity and transport.

As these cities transfer into smart cities, this work package will help understand the resilience each city has due to energy load changes and demands; both now and in the future.

Work package lead: Burns and McDonnell

Analysing the network reinforcement required to meet the electrical demand for the decarbonisation scenarios produced by other work packages. In addition, this work package will also asses how the electrical load demands and exports modelled in the scenarios could be addressed using innovative methods to optimise investment, such as EV smart charging and utility scale storage.

Work package lead: BMT

Assessing current evidence and the needs of the transport sector to achieve decarbonisation across South Wales including the possibility for different transport technology mixes across multiple different future scenarios. In particular, understanding the future electricity and gas requirements for road, rail, aviation and marine.

There will be an investigation into the different decarbonisation options available for Rail, Aviation and Marine transport and develop a benefit case for the options backed by facts and analysis.

Work package lead: CR Plus

There are a number of diverse industries in South Wales. To better understand how industrial site could be decarbonised, this work package will analyse how this can best be done.

This will involve a detailed evaluation including looking at fuel switching, technology changes and carbon capture. The output of this work package will ultimately provide the industrial electricity and gas requirements to deliver a decarbonisation blueprint for South Wales.

Work package lead: Arup

This work package will set out the socio-economic scenarios that provide a framework of plausible futures that the decarbonisation pathways will need to operate in. It will also assess the socio-economic impacts of the decarbonisation pathways. 

To do this, this project will start by taking a high-level analysis of the socioeconomic impacts of up to three decarbonisation scenarios. It will then delve deeper into all areas of the South Wales community to create a thorough and detailed analysis to enable other work projects to move forward with confidence.

Work package lead: Arup

Linear optimisation modelling will be undertaken which will take the outputs from all of the demand and supply work packages to determine the optimal solution in terms of cost and carbon under each of the scenarios.

Work package lead: OTB Agency

This work package will be responsible for managing various stakeholders and consortium partners, designing a proper communication channel, managing the information sharing platform, organising dissemination workshops and producing content to keep all partners, and the people and businesses of South Wales, informed with what progress is being made.

Work package lead: Progressive

Hydrogen is going to be a critical energy source in the future of South Wales and CO2 will be captured and transported to storage. This work package is detailing demand and supply, transport and storage requirements for these, together with the investment required to reinforce the current gas network in South Wales and/or build new pipelines to deliver this.

Work package lead: Regen

Working in partnership with the Zero2050 team to produce a whole system (gas and electricity) net zero scenarios pathways between 2020 and 2050 for the distribution networks in South Wales.

Work package lead: Progressive

Using the Pathfinder model to integrate input scenarios from other work packages to build and test scenarios and to enable development of an optimised solution.

This involves close liaison with the other work package owners, together with knowledge of earlier work, to inform the development of input scenarios in each of the key input areas of Cities, Industry, Transport, Heat and Agriculture.

Outputs from the scenario modelling will be shared with other work package owners to develop optimised overall solutions.