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The Welsh Government was one of the first nations in the UK to declare a climate emergency and is committed to creating a better future for Wales by working in collaboration with other groups and organisations. Some of the top things we’re doing to help South Wales become carbon neutral before the 2050 target are:

  • Accelerating the deployment of renewable energy  
  • Making homes more energy efficient and reducing fuel poverty 
  • Transforming Wales into one of the top three recycling nations in the world
  • Planting over 800,000 trees, and 
  • Creating more than 840 free water refill stations.

For more details on how the Welsh Government are tackling the climate emergency in Wales click here.

As well as being responsible for bringing in the necessary regulation to help South Wales become carbon neutral by 2050, the Welsh Government plays an important role in the Zero2050, forming part of the Review Board Committee that reviews, challenges, quantifies and signs off key stages of the project.

For more information on how the project is funded and governed, click here