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The South Wales Industrial Cluster is a group of major and diverse industrial companies in the region stretching from the Pembrokeshire Coast to the Severn Bridge along the M4 corridor. This group brings together a number of partners including Tata Steel, Tarmac, Progressive Energy, CR Plus and the University of South Wales to collaboratively identify ways to tackle common and unique challenges of decarbonisation and clean growth, ultimately helping the UK to establish the world’s first net zero carbon industrial cluster by 2040 and at least one low carbon cluster by 2030.

As well as developing exciting new innovations and processes, the South Wales Industrial Cluster is key to identifying what existing infrastructure can be used and what new infrastructure is required. The ‘cluster’ will seek to identify the best solutions for the cost-effective decarbonisation of industry in South Wales. At the heart of this group is innovation, the sharing of ideas, aligned strategies, truly integrated projects, the collaborative use of funding support and achieving true clean growth. Ensuring that operations are sustainable long term to support future generations is vital.

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