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Progressive Energy exists to develop and deliver clean energy projects at a scale that makes a material difference to climate change. Already committed to achieving the Zero2050 target, for many years Progressive Energy’s focus has been on honing emerging technologies to up-scale the use of hydrogen in transport, power generation, industry and heat.

To ensure South Wales achieves decarbonisation, Progressive Energy expects that Hydrogen will be a critical energy source and CO2 will be captured and transported to storage. For the Zero2050 initiative, the company will detail the demand, supply, transport and storage requirements for these, together with the investment required to reinforce the current gas network in South Wales and/or build new pipelines to deliver this. Progressive Energy will also play a key role in integrating the findings of other collaborators in the Zero2050 initiative and building test scenarios to help develop an optimised solution for eliminating emissions in South Wales across cities, industry, transport, heat and agriculture.

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