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Mae llawer o resymau da dros ddefnyddio ynni adnewyddadwy. Byddwch yn:

There are lots of good reasons to use renewables. You will be:



Making use of secure and local resources

Reducing your dependence on non-renewable energy

Helping to reduce the production of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases

Creating new jobs in renewable energy industries

Reducing your energy bills - you could generate income by selling surplus energy back to your energy provider

Gwir werth newid

The true value of change

According to Institute of Welsh Affairs (IWA) calculations, Wales could create 20,150 jobs annually by switching to 100% renewable electricity by 2035. This change would also create £7.4bn in total Welsh gross value added - the measure of the value of goods and services produced in a sector - and have a substantial impact on the country's ability to meet its climate change targets.

Other measures the IWA would like to see include:

Using planning regulations and public land to support new renewable energy schemes

All new projects above 5MW to have between 5% and 33% local or community ownership

Building knowledge and expertise around renewable energy within key public organisations

A radical new approach to transport, including a comprehensive decarbonisation plan

Developing marine energy as a niche Welsh service in the global economy

There are environmental benefits, there are social benefits, there are economic benefits. I think one of our clear messages from the final plan is that we need leadership on this - the scale of the challenge is quite drastic and we need Welsh Government action.

Shea Buckland-Jones, Food, Land Use and Nature Policy Manager, WWF Cymru