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CR Plus are focused on ‘carbon reduction that pays’. They are a sustainable cost reduction, energy efficiency and project engineering consultancy which help organisations find innovative and cost saving solutions. With strong heavy industrial energy efficiency experience and a track record in supporting a multitude of South Wales industrial sites in multiple sectors, CR Plus joined the Zero2050 initiative to deliver a forecast of South Wales’ industrial future ‘post decarbonisation’ energy demand via direct survey and engagement with a sample of Industrial sites in the region. The 2-way engagements also enabled CR Plus to communicate technical and commercial challenges facing industry to inform wider policy, strategy and large infrastructure decisions.

In South Wales, industry accounts for a significant proportion of direct carbon emissions and energy demand. With a diverse range of industry size, type, and sector in the region, CR Plus undertook a site-by-site survey across a diverse sample of sites to access site-specific energy demand data and establish the viable decarbonisation options for each industrial site. CR Plus forecasted three sub-scenarios for future energy demand using a combination of grid electricity, grid hydrogen and off-grid solutions. Carbon dioxide capture, usage and storage, including carbon ‘recycling’ along with process diversification were determined to be necessary to achieve a net-zero carbon industrial future, while key financial and policy hurdles were highlighted as possible risks to delaying the decarbonisation projects. In tandem, CR Plus have successfully undertaken a South Wales Industrial Decarbonisation cluster plan project (phase 1) and plan to move forwards with this plan in the coming years enabling the ‘South Wales Industrial Cluster’ (SWIC) to achieve its ambitious net zero carbon targets.