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Mynd i'r afael â'r her

Rising to the challenge

Energy specialists are currently developing plans and gathering evidence and modelling options to substantiate our hypothesis - how can we achieve the target of ‘net zero’ by 2050 in South Wales? The program of activity is ongoing and further activities are planned with these organisations to ensure the initiative is fast paced and focused. We are clear on the task ahead; we know what the challenges are, and we have many ideas on how to solve them.

Embracing innovation and new technology is fundamental to delivering on our objective of ‘net zero’ in South Wales and creating a sustainable energy path for future generations. It will demand new levels of engineering coordination and, as integration intensifies, we are rising to the challenge.

Ein sectorau

Our sectors

Wind turbine



Embrace renewable sources of energy such as solar, hydrogen and wind.

City roundabout



Overhaul and modify existing infrastructure to improve energy efficiency.

Inside of industrial tower



Start large scale hydrogen production, plus improve energy and resource efficiency to tackle heavy, industry emissions.

Seedling in circular pot



Lessen the impact of livestock farming by encouraging afforestation and a reduction in public meat consumption.

Car headlight



Replace older, less efficient vehicles with electric alternatives.